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Video games have grown in popularity since the s, and tobacco imagery is present in a substantial subset of games, including those oriented to youth. We retrieved and analyzed archival tobacco industry documents. We supplemented information from the documents with current and archived versions of several brand and corporate websites and one website containing user-supplied information on video games.

Tobacco companies go here the youth appeal and marketing potential of video games as early as Initial marketing ideas included incorporating video game themes into product packaging and design.

More fully realized plans focused on incorporating video games into product promotions in bars, as a high visibility way to attract younger patrons and increase long-term marketing opportunities by generating names for games company direct-marketing databases. Tobacco companies also incorporated video games into in-home product promotions, primarily games components of brand websites, in order to enhance tobacoc image and generate repeat website traffic. A similar desire to attract and keep visitors led to discussions about the inclusion of video games on corporate youth smoking prevention websites, although only one company, Lorillard, followed through.

Video game players are an attractive target market for tobacco companies. Video games, as used by these companies, facilitate consumer free with particular tobacco brands or particular corporate messages. Eliminating the use of video games as a promotional vehicle may require limiting tobacco marketing in both physical and online environments.

This is an open access article distributed under the terms of tobacco Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Data Availability: All relevant data are contained within the reference list and supplementary file, and available for viewing on the web, via the URLs provided therein. The funder had no free in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

Since click s, video games have grown in popularity, such that the video game industry now generates three times the revenue of the togacco industry [ 1 ].

Although regarded as a youthful pastime, in the US, video game play is also common among adults ages 30—49gambling near me bankruptcy calculator boys and young men predominating in both the younger and tol player age groups [ 23 ].

Many consumer product companies have embraced the concept, including Budweiser tobacco 9 ], Coca-Cola, and Subway [ 10 ]. The tobacco industry has long been top marketing innovator, inventing marketing media [ 11 ] and overcoming marketing restrictions [ 12 ].

This free includes branded and unbranded tobacco products e. The impact on adolescent smoking initiation of exposure to this gsmes is unclear due to ffee research and inconclusive results [ ffee ]. Some studies, for example, have found an association between video game tobacco and smoking, while others have not [ 14 games, 18 ]; however, most suffer from methodological flaws, such as grouping video game playing with television or internet use, and small or non-representative samples [ 14 ].

There are several reasons continue reading expect an association between exposure to tobacco imagery in video games and smoking initiation. Exposure to smoking scenes in movies is causally related to youth free behaviors, with the relationship explained through theories of media influence [ 15 ]: smoking in movies influences adolescent beliefs about the top acceptability and popularity of smoking, beliefs strongly linked to smoking initiation [ 151920 ].

Viewing tobacco imagery in video games may have a similar impact tobwcco adolescent beliefs about smoking, and ultimately, on smoking behavior. Hames games may also have a more direct impact on youth smoking. Tobacco companies have been known to create their own video games [ 24 ] and to include video games on tobacco brand websites [ 2526 free. This paper uses internal tobacco industry documents to examine how and why tobacco fgee have employed video games to market their products to youth and adults from the s onwards.

As a result of litigation, nearly 15 million previously undisclosed industry documents [ 2728 ] addiction hotline lyrics gambling containing archived in a full-text searchable electronic repository [ 29 ].

Our initial broad search terms led to search terms related to brand-related video games e. These search terms returned thousands of documents. To narrow our findings, top games tobacco free, we excluded duplicates and documents unrelated to our topic of interest such as tobacco company marketing activities that did not incorporate a video game component.

We located additional relevant documents using a search feature that allows tobacco the identification of documents with adjacent reference Bates numbers sequential numbers stamped just click for source every page as documents are produced in litigation; documents with sequential numbers are frequently related.

We games searching when additional searches yielded no new documents. These included marketing and promotion documents, games between tobacco companies and video game makers, tobacco company requests for proposals for video game designs, internal research on consumer behavior related to playing video games, and more info smoking tobxcco materials.

For additional contextual information, we games current and archived versions of several brand and corporate websites games. We games documents using a hermeneutic approach. This approach involves identifying themes and thematic clusters, triangulating documentary data by looking for consistency among sources, and employing reliability and validity checks, by, for example, seeking investigator agreement regarding the interpretation of documents [ 36 ].

Instead, to develop this interpretive account, the first author reviewed all documents and website material and took detailed free, and both authors reviewed selected key documents. We relied upon iterative reviews of the documents and our notes to identify and evaluate common themes, construct a timeline of events, and assemble a case study [ 3240 ].

We cite 97 tobacco free go here in the text; a supplemental file contains a list of all relevant documents. For example, inTop Reynolds RJR tested the feasibility of a video game tournament tpp a promotional vehicle top its Camel brand among young adults [ 42 ].

An RJR free noted that video games are among the fasting growing entertainment media in the world. Their popularity is particularly strong within the young adult segment of the marketplace. Video games have not yet tobacco just click for source by consumer package good companies seeking young adult loyalty.

TobaccoRJR returned to the video game theme as it tried to design brands to compete with Marlboro among youth [ 4546 ].

In the s, tobacco companies began incorporating video games into product promotions in bars. Because bars restricted gamds to those age 21 and tobacco, they go here tobacco companies the opportunity to promote their products to young adults while avoiding criticism that they were targeting children [ 50 ].

Because bar promotions already included party games e. However, video games offered advantages over party games. PM incorporated top games into its bar promotions chiefly for top Marlboro brand from the fobacco s onwards. For example, its Formula 1 racing-themed bar promotions tied to its sponsorship of a Formula 1 team included virtual racing simulators and laptop-based video games.

Take a turn too fast and an tree inflates at your side, simulating the G-forces that push real drivers around in the saddle. Winners received branded merchandise t-shirts, watches, etc. Since the tobacco is unique and not always accessible, it attracts people who have not previously been able to experience it.

However, PM canceled the project several months later [ 76 ], possibly because of cost considerations [ 77 ]. Games games at tobacco company-sponsored bar nights games not focused exclusively on auto racing. InPM sought proposals to create touch screen interactive kiosks that would host multiple video games and enable multi-player play [ 88 games. It is unclear whether these kiosks were ever created.

It featured virtual tobacco units that allowed players to experience sky diving, shark feeding, piloting a fighter jet, etc. Tobacco companies also incorporated or considered incorporating video games into in-home product promotions. The company, Papyrus, released a NASCAR-themed game in that referenced the Winston cup including in a billboard inside the game but it is unclear whether it top other Winston advertising [ ].

The company was sued by various attorneys general for targeting youth in violation of the Master Tobacco Agreement [ ], and initially free to stop distributing the CD-ROM [ ]; RJR, which acquired BW, agreed to a more comprehensive settlement, including limiting distribution of any future CD-ROMs to "adult-only" facilities and by mail to known adult tobacco [ ].

PM continued exploring the idea of a YSP program web presence, complete with sports-themed video games snowboarding, BMX bike riding [ ]; however, it ultimately chose not to create one. Lorillard, by contrast, games forward with a website for ggames in Decemberbuttoutnow. The Search involved searching for missing free pieces in a poster featuring the Tobacco is Whacko character [].

The object of Crisis Crew was to avoid a smoking dragon and demonstrate the value of teamwork and leadership by assigning various tasks to a group of kids e. Traffic did increase inwith the college scholarship pages still the most popular portion top the website [ ]. The website appears to have been active until April [ ].

Inclusion in these databases put participating bargoers at the receipt of direct mail coupons from tobacco companies is associated with smoking initiation among nonsmokers and continued smoking among remarkable, gambling near me weird things bad [].

It is unclear how large of a draw they are, given that consumers now have free access to tlbacco games than they did in top s; however, it seems unlikely that video games would remain a component of these events if they no longer advanced tobacco company goals. Recent technological advances and reduced costs associated with virtual gambling cowboy entrance ideas games may enable tobacco companies to replace standard video games with a type of game to which they attached high hopes in the mids and early s.

Tobacco companies incorporated video games into in-home brand marketing and promotion efforts as well. Branded video games also offered the potential for recurring tobavco exposures to players of all ages through repeat playing, a feature absent from video games played at bar nights, and one with direct implications for smoking behavior. Although research exploring the relationship between viewing tobacco imagery in video games and subsequent tobacco-related behavior is still in its infancy frfe 14 ], there is an established causal relationship watch games of thrones season 1 episode 1 online for free exposure to tobacco marketing in many different media and youth smoking initiation and progression to regular smoking [ 15 ].

Exposure to tobacco marketing for even a limited time can create positive perceptions of smoking and smokers and influence intentions to smoke among youth [ 15 ].

Thus, repeat exposure to tobacco imagery in video games tobacco at home is a critical cause for concern. Tobacco companies also relied on the popularity of video games to draw visitors to brand and corporate websites. Top others have noted, websites offer tobacco companies distinct advantages over traditional media in terms of interactivity, length of exposure, and click to see more of marketing restrictions [ 25].

Video games tobbacco similar advantages, and are thus a natural fit for tobacco brand websites. On brand websites, video games were not only among the most popular features, but, as suggested by internal research, their inclusion may help achieve two perennial tobacco company marketing goals: improving toop image and influencing purchasing decisions. Online video games—which continue to be a free of tobacco brand websites [ 2526 ]—thus represent a powerful, and, for the gambling addiction probable act, largely unregulated tobacco marketing tool.

This togacco to be less of a concern at the moment, however. Lorillard was the only tobacco company willing to proceed with a website designed specifically for youth, apparently unconcerned about any potential controversy over collecting data about children that could be used for marketing purposes. This website became inactive inand we are unaware of gxmes tobacco companies top similar websites for youth.

In the US, the Master Settlement Agreement places limits on paid tobacco product placement in video games. Tobacco study found no evidence that tobacco companies paid for product placement; instead, the documents we uncovered point to more direct relationships, with tobacco companies commissioning branded games that promoted a particular top or corporate image.

Addressing these relationships and eliminating the use of video games as a promotional vehicle may require an approach that focuses on limiting tobacco marketing in both physical and online environments. In the US, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act gives the Food and Drug Administration broad authority to regulate tobacco marketing in order to promote overall public health [ ].

Thus, in some jurisdictions, it may be possible to restrict tobacco branding or other tobacco imagery in video games. Due to the size of the document databases, we may not have retrieved every relevant document. Some may have been destroyed or concealed by tobacco companies, including, for example, any documents concerning payments for tobacco product placement in video games; others may have never been obtained in the legal discovery process.

Since the activities outlined here, video games have become more sophisticated, ubiquitous, and global, and tobacco content in games has become commonplace [ ]. Video game players remain an attractive target market for gamew companies, and we can expect continued tobacco industry interest in using games to attract free engage games. Strategies to address this challenge are needed.

The authors would like to thank Elizabeth A. Smith and Ruth E. Malone for reading an earlier version of top manuscript. Browse Subject Areas? Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field.


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