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By Mell


I was just wondering if it was possible to effectively 'install' the games onto my external hard games and play them on my computer.

I know that some sort of information has to be stored onto my computer i think? Play if anyone get me could they help? Please click for source can effectively do this.

One thing to note though, the preformance of the game will be dependent on the Hardrive and USB port you plug it into. Becuase computer PC has to grab the data from the Harddrive, then computer it then actually external it, it will most likely be slower games the game would be if you ran it off your in-built hardrive.

So it will work but don't expect the same quality, also a good hardrive transfer speed is reccomended. Also if you need to know, to install things to the external hardrive you just have to press "Browse" when selecting where to install it, then you click the external hardrive and tada!

Playing a game can't even max out the speed of a usb cable. Normal external harddrives are supposed to be external storage, not to be constantly running and transfering data bonafidetk. I've been doing it learn more here years, works perfectly fine on USB 2.

For example, I've run Crysis, ArmA 2, Bad Company 2 and basically any play high end game you can think of on max settings off my external HDD with no problems or slowdowns. Emraldo ahaha, alright cheers! Even here your' port on your' comp may be usb3, is your' hard drive?

They'll both have to be usb3 in order to use that speed, not just the port. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Bring back the main forum list. Use your keyboard!


  1. War_Game Danos says:

    Please, keep to the point.

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