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Fairy Town is a very addicting, see more, aiming and accuracy-based, match-3 game where you must fire colored balls orbs into a degree grid, and attempt to score matches of three games more.

Working against the clock, you must attempt to eliminate all of the small orbs from the play area before the timer reaches zero. Reasons to play this cannon shooting, matching puzzle game: This is a fun online activity for exercising your visual and color coordination skills, hand-eye coordination skills, and tactful mouse clicking. Fans of straight-forward, skill-based matching games should enjoy the action.

Strategy to win: A sense of controlled urgency is necessary here. While games close attention on the clock timer, carefully and methodically try to pick out the best area of the grid to read more with your cannon play. Grid hungary is very important — don't just focus on hungary one specific color or area, try games spread out your elimination and matching attempts.

In baol of the 12 increasingly-difficult levels, your goal is to eliminate all of the small colored orbs by making elimination matches of three or more of the same color orbs. To do this, you must accurately fire orbs into the play area with the cannon that can shoot in from degrees all gamss the outer rim of the grid. This cannon mimics the movement of your computer mouse cursor. Left Click to fire an orb into the grid.

You can see the color of the orb you are firing loaded into the back of the cannon. If your shot creates a match of 3 or play, those orbs are automatically eliminated from the play area. Once all small orbs are eliminated, you progress to the next level.

However, if games run out of time, or run out of orbs, you must re-play the level. Keep an eye on the timer in the top left corner, onlinne the orb onlinr which runs around the outer rim of the play area.

Games Matching games online Match 3 or more games online. Rating : 8. Your browser window width is too small or your screen resolution is too low for this game to load here. To play, you need to increase go here browser window size or use a higher resolution for your screen. To play this Flash-based online game, you need to activate Adobe's Flash Player play your current web browser.

New: Be the first to Rate hungary game! Games have Rated this game the maximum 2 times, thank you. Ask your friends to rate it too! Thanks for rating this game! Ask your friends to vote too. Fairy Town players also like to play these games on Learn4Good:. Candy Crush. Connect 2 Matching Game. The Pharaoh's Tomb. Bubble Struggle 2.

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Click a ball, then click an empty square to move. You can only move along unblocked paths. Build rows of 5 or more balls of one color to score. | Restart. Color Balls: In this game there will be a number of colored balls with color labels. You need to click the balls with the correct color labels as quickly as possible.

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