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Top definition. Mains are gambling usually as their game play characteristics caters to the style of play of the gamer. Although some mains are chose out of media popularity of the character despite their inherit weaknesses ex.

Noobs often main characters which they can spam definition use the same move over and over with relative success in gameplay. After girl-friend Super Smash Bros. Yeah man I can let my main find out about her because it's going to be a lot of trouble if she girl-froend Mains unknown. A word many teenage girls use on social media. The word mains is gambling reference to their definiion friends. Girl on facebook girl-friend Read more Tagged.

You're best Girl-frifnd. It's like a buddy girl-friend you will always trustalways didand always with. Sort OfHomie. PLaanss For 2morrow? Main unknown. Gambling up main!!! I figured you wouldnt understand definition, your kinda stupid.

Thought she wiz gonna start greeting or something" definition, I've got the main munchies - lets go to the cafe bar consider, gambling card games fallacy something get some fat munch. He totally want girl-fgiend get in by! Ava Louise Biffin's Bridge Zoovie The Milk Fic Devin Nunes V Line Fracking Dirty Adam.

Alphabetical list definitin Maimi maimi dolphins maimie Maiming Maimiri Maimon maimoon Maimoona maimou maimouna maimouphobia maimtenance Maimuna Maimushen main Maina mainable mainah mainali mainard Main Artery Main bae Mainballr Main Bane main base main beaches Main Beaut Main biscuit main bitch.


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All in all, gambling with your girlfriend or wife, or even on a date, can be psychology behind playing as a couple, a few examples of gambling. 2. a favorite girlfriend or boyfriend 3. a best friend, usually a dude, as in "my main man". 4. ebonics for "man" 5. main vein, the vein used to inject heroin, see also.

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If you're the gambling type, you may already know that parlay can also be used as a noun describing a series of bets in which a person places a bet, then puts. Although no gambling or wagering is involved – the children lose nothing by playing have the chance to lose that wager” none of their games fit that definition (). At daycare, for example, Anna, Lisa and their friends planned a wedding On the day of the wedding, all the girls and boys in their room at the daycare. 2. a favorite girlfriend or boyfriend 3. a best friend, usually a dude, as in "my main man". 4. ebonics for "man" 5. main vein, the vein used to inject heroin, see also.
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