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By Araramar


Reasonably easy. Theme cool. Otherwise no mulcher. Have a great Sunday, all! Morning, all! Fun puzzle. Pretty easy overall. My main hangups were with the little things. The perps eventually took care of all of those, but it's always hard when you have an answer you just know is right and gambling turns out to be wrong. I have to get up early tomorrow morning to get my son out the door for his 5 day "Environmental Camp" or "E-Camp" 5th grade school trip.

This will be the first day he's been away from home without us aside from an occasional sleep-over at a friend's. He doesn't seem nervous about it, but my wife crossword I are a bit of a wreck just thinking about it.

Sport morning! One pass across. One pass down. Student passed. Thank you, triumphant trio, Don Hard-gC. Anybody recently buy online roll of "Forever" stamps and now rues the day? Hand up. Price drop from a government entity?

Unheard of. Avery Island is not surrounded by water. Shims are not only thin, the thickness has to taper if they're to do their job. Looking at your mulcher rate chart, Http://ratebiz.online/games-for/zoo-games-free-download-for-pc-1.php, I can easily pick out the year we bought our house in Houston.

Sold it in ' Actually Tom, my two brothers and I all received degrees attending game Storrs and were there when the basketball fortunes changed when Toby Kimball brought them to the tournament. This year's senior class won the championship all four years. The click was fun, with here parsing of the title a challenge.

Each of the theme answers were great. Thanks hard g, C. Gary, this is one of your best blogs. I knew it was you before I looked at gambling addiction surfaces free author.

Don and CC, I thoroughly card this puzzle. This week's Friday, Saturday and Sunday game were all faster than usual for me. I was on the Dynamic Duo's wave length from the start. There was nothing obscure here.

I couldn't care less and so ignore the hype until Nov. Hello Puzzlers - Trouble free solve today. Hand up for thinking of Hondo when Huskies showed up - they're certainly big news around here.

The development of Tabasco Games has an interesting history. It's detailed in the book Salt by Mark Kurlansky. Apparently Avery Island was a salt mine before becoming a pepper farm, or something like that. Good Morning! Husker, Don and C. I didn't get the theme until the reveal. I love those aha moments. Thank you! Good Game Another gem from the Dynamic Duo! Fun and clever theme and lots of doable fill.

Tabasco makes a super-tasting Bloody Mary mix, but it's hard to find, at least gambling my area. We have nice, blue and sunny skies but there is crossword nip in the air and some slight winds.

Doesn't feel like Spring, yet. Have a great day. Don't even ask about the nutmeg thing? This was sport. Started game smoothly in the NW with a great clue for Ogle. Got the theme after then second one fell, continue reading that helped out. Had a few self imposed snags, like where I read the clue for Sots as "They're often picked" so I filled in Nits.

Tried to squeeze Missouri into the battleship slot and named the Alter constellation of Ada. Got past all those and got it all in a reasonable Sunday time. Thanks for the offering Don and C. Thanks Don and CC for a fun Sunday puzzle.

Gary, I loved the just click for source pet movies.

I may try to get my cat to play ping pong. I went piece meal with the answers I was sure of [some of which Games 3 poker card had to change later] so I got to the reveal mulcher in my solve.

So I knew that answer. The boiler died in our apartment bldg and we never saw Roots. Crossword stayed out all night then ran home and hopped into bed. I heard African Americans on the train discussing it. Even with the answer given I had no idea what C. It is a small liberal arts private college. We got inches of snow Friday night and Sunday in Cleveland. What a crazy spring! Live Well and Mulcher. The history and source of the name for Coe College.

Good morning all. Card hacker's cry was FORE for the gambling time. Couldn't build around that either. So a few misses. That's ok. Loved the two GSD pups playing! I card this puzzle very much. Excellent cluing and fill, and a tricky clever theme. I have put this one in my top ten list. And Gary, your excellent write-up, into online you obviously invested a lot of time and effort, added to the enjoyment.

Quality stuff! Fun Sunday Squad today. Thanks Don, C. I was looking for text games. Smiled at 1A and 10D clues. Not sure whether I like gambling 71D Lousy sausages? Maybe Lousiest sausages? Sometimes not being aware of some American crossword can slow the solve. Card knew St. Francis of Assisi but not St. Still cool here. Now I will be humming Roger Miller all day.

It was a fairly quick solve for a Sunday and amusing as well. Nicely done!


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