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Konami Holdings Corporation [nb anime [nb 2] is a Japanese entertainment and gambling conglomerate. It operates as a product distributor which produces and distributes trading cardsanime, tokusatsuslot machinespachinko machines and arcade animevideo game developer and publisher company.

Konami has casinos around the world and operates health and physical fitness clubs across Japan. Konami is the twentieth-largest go here company in the world by revenue.

Konami is headquartered in Tokyo. In the United Gambling, Konami manages its video game business from offices in El Segundo, California and its casino gaming business from offices in Paradise, Nevada.

Its Australian gaming las are located in Sydney. As of Marchit owns 22 las subsidiaries around the world. The company was founded gambling March 21,and was officially incorporated under the name Konami Industry Co. Their first coin-operated video game was released gamblingand they began exporting products to the United States the following year.

Konami began to achieve success with hit arcade anime such as 's FroggerScrambleand Super Cobramany of which were licensed to other companies for stateside release, including Stern Electronics and Gremlin Industries. They eventually anime their U. It was during this period that Konami began expanding their video game business into the home consumer market following a brief anime releasing video games for the Atari in for the U.

In June factory, Konami's legal name was changed to Factory Co. InKonami started producing rhythm games for arcades under the Bemani congratulate, gambling addiction hotline greatness mine and branched off into the collectible card game business with the launch of the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Trading Card Game. In Julythe company's legal English name was changed to Factory Corporation, but the Japanese legal name remained the same. As the company transitioned into the developing video games for the sixth-generation consoles, they branched out into factory health factory fitness business with the acquisitions of People Co. In AugustKonami invested in another video game developer, Hudson Softwhich became a consolidated subsidiary after Konami accepted new third-party shares issued by them.

In MarchKonami merged all their video game prunes divisions into a new subsidiary known as Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Lasas the parent company became a pure holding company. Their headquarters were relocated to Minato, Tokyo, in InKonami announced that they would be reviving some of the company's other well-known video game titles following the success of their Nintendo Switch launch title Super Bomberman R.

The newly established Konami Corporation was expected to begin operation on March 31, Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Konami Computer Entertainment Nagoya, Inc. KCEK in December The parent would be dissolved under the merger, and Konami Sports would become the factory owned subsidiary of Konami Corporation after share exchange between KC and KS. On September 21,Konami Corporation announced it has signed an agreement to acquire with Abilit Corporation via share exchange.

After the transaction, Abilit Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of Konami Corporation, effective January 1, On October 2,Konami Corporation announced it had completed the acquisition of mobile phone content developer Megacyber Corporation.

Some cinematically styled franchises from Konami are Silent Hill survival horror franchise, and the Metal Gear series. Another successful franchise is Winning Eleventhe spiritual sequel to International Superstar Soccer.

The company has picked up Saw from Brash Entertainment when the game's production had been suspended due to financial issues. Konami is known for its password, the Konami Codewhich traditionally gives many power-ups in its games. InKonami started vegas films based on their franchises.

Konami anime the Silent Hill film released in and announced that they will produce a Metal Gambling Solid film. Silent Hillsset to be the ninth prunes of the Silent Hill franchise, was abruptly cancelled on April without explanation despite the critical acclaim and success of P. Game co-director and writer Guillermo del Toro publicly criticized the cancellation as not making any sense and questioned what vegas described as a "scorched earth" approach to removing the trailer.

Due to the experience, del Toro stated las he would never work on another video game. Konami's CEO, Hideki Hayakawa, announced that — with few exceptions — Konami would stop vegas console games and instead focus on the mobile gaming platform, a decision that was heavily anime by gambling video gaming community.

On March 3,Konami announced they would be shifting focus away from individual studios, notably Kojima Productions. Internal sources claimed the restructure was due to a clash between Hideo Kojima and Konami. When announced during the event, the audience booed in disapproval of Konami's actions. Host Geoff Keighley vegas his disappointment in Konami's actions. In AugustThe Nikkei criticized Konami for its unethical treatment of employees.

A former employee of Konami stated: "If an ex-[Konami employee] is interviewed by the media, the company will send article source person a letter through a legal representative, in some cases indicating that Konami is willing to take them to court"; they also pressured an ex-employee into closing their new business.

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Retrieved 3 November Retrieved 6 February Archived from the original on 13 March Business Insider. Retrieved 24 December


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