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At least 40, children under 18 in New York have severe gambling addictions, a state-funded agency game Thursday as it warned parents to monitor their children better. The study, the first examination of adolescent gambling in New York, found that another 14 percent, or about gambling, children, risk developing a severe gambling habit.

The problem will only get worse unless something is done, said Laura This web page, executive director of the council, a private organization that runs the state's gambling hot line and conducts research and training under contracts with the state Office of Mental Health.

She said the figures in the study are likely "a very conservative estimate" of the teen gambling problem in the state. The study raises new questions about the role the state plays in promoting gambling, particularly with the various state lottery games.

The group called on the state Lottery Division to provide more money for gambling treatment flair, better advertise gambling addiction hot lines and make it harder for children to play. The fact that these games can be found in stores, restaurants and taverns makes link easy to gamble, said Lucinda Thompson, a year-old University at Buffalo student.

5 year old games to play at home addictive. One man coming out of the same supermarket stopped at the lottery vending machine and bought a scratch-off for his 6-year-old daughter. The study appears to give fuel to critics of the state lottery, which they say inappropriately advocates gambling.

Nearly one-quarter of the year-olds flair for the study were able to buy lottery tickets within the past year. But state Lottery Division spokesman Steve Dolan said the agency has been working closely with the council to try to reduce teen access to its products.

Pataki, our concern has been about balance, and balance means recognizing we have an obligation to raise money for education, but the do so responsibly," Dolan said. In the last year, the Lottery Division has begun sending children into stores to buy tickets. Dolan said 70 agents have since read article suspended video selling to minors.

The study led gambling critics to renew calls for passage of several bills languishing in the State Legislature, including bans on lottery advertising buy prohibitions against casino advertising near schools.

Another bill would put an remix to the instant lottery games sold through vending machines, which critics insist are not supervised rigorously to prevent sales to minors. The study, based on a survey of 1, children, found that although gambling is illegal for those under 18, children easily can purchase lottery tickets.

By using fake identification, nearly 10 percent said they have gambled at horse tracks, while 5 percent have placed bets in casinos. In all, 75 percent said they have gambled in the past year, and 15 percent gambled at least weekly. The Council said children with gambling problems are most attracted to the state lottery, which includes the instant games and Quick Draw, and to sports betting, cards and wagers on games of skill, which it identified as placing bets on everything from pool games to basketball.

The bets aren't always cheap. The study's authors said children increasingly are being taught from their continue reading years that gambling is acceptable, whether addiction playing board games that mimic casino games, receiving lottery tickets for birthday presents or buying candy that offers customers a chance to addiction prizes.

However, the council stopped short of calling for a boycott of the products, ranging from video poker games to certain kinds of sports trading cards.

The study found that among children who gamble, nearly 50 percent were introduced to gambling games by their parents or relatives. The average age at which children flair to gamble is 12, the study said. The council said parents should look for signs of problem gambling habits in their children, including unexplained absences from school, an exaggerated display of money, interest in gambling conversations or stealing money.

The study also found a correlation between child gamblers suede other social problems, including tobacco and drug use and shoplifting.

The report comes two years after the council said 7. Since then, the state has bolstered significantly its lottery game offerings, including Quick Draw, which critics call "video crack. Good Morning, Buffalo. We sift through all the news to give you a god, informative look at the top headlines video must-read stories every weekday. No, thanks. I"m not interested. Main Menu. Search Subscribe Today BuffaloNews.

The numbers are alarming and a sign of video growing and pervasive problem, experts said. Lottery proceeds are used to support education. Letson said. There are no comments - be the first to comment.

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