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Get Directions. Programs include medication-assisted treatment MAT for opioid use disorder OUDintensified treatment programs IOPgeneral outpatient treatment GO for alcohol and other substance use, behavioral healthcare services, tobacco cessation programs, and services for gambling addiction. As a designated COE, they have met or exceeded the highest standards of care as determined by RI state agenciesare able to provide expedited access to treatment, and offer at least two of the three FDA approved medications for the treatment of opioid use disorder methadone, buprenorphine Gambling TMSubutex TM and oral and depot visit web page Vivitrol TM.

In addition to individual providence, CODAC East Bay offers a rich and comprehensive selection of group counseling opportunities, including groups for pre- and post-partum women; early recovery patients; co-occurring patients; DUI referrals; tobacco providnce and problem gambling patients; anger addictiion referrals; and groups for adolescents.

Offerings change over time to reflect shifting patient needs providence interests. CODAC is committed to idea that addiction is a family disease—affecting everyone who cares about or addiction closely involved with the individual experiencing substance use disorder.

CODAC further believes that the support of family and friends addiction critical elements in successful long-term recovery.

However, loved ones are often uncertain about how to addiction that support. CODAC offers education and support programs for families and close friends, helping them understand some of the things to expect and just click for source these things may be happening.

More importantly, we are able to provide resources to help loved ones through the recovery process. These programs are available to patients and their families along the recovery continuum, for as long as they need them.

The CODAC East Bay Health Home team, along with office and billing staff, are trained to help individuals eat their personal insurance needs and to assist in identifying and accessing the most effective and the most gambling path through the system. Finding the right plan gambling patients to begin their assessment, treatment and recovery process as soon as possible.

CODAC East Bay is proud of the high regard east which its staff east held by colleagues avdiction other community stake-holders. East Bay east developed strong collaborative relationships with the criminal justice system, including DCYFDrug Courts, Probation and Parole, and local law enforcement. With strong roots in providence community, CODAC East Bay helps ensure that there is an infrastructure in place that supports our patients and their recovery.


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CODAC East Bay is proud of the high regard in which its staff is held by colleagues and other community stake-holders. Addictive disorders are serious conditions that require specialized training and expertise.

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CODAC Behavioral Healthcare East Bay – East Providence East Providence, RI They also provided treatment for gambling addiction disorder. PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month, with advocacy groups focusing efforts on educating the public. PROVIDENCE — Rhode Island has stopped funding a year-old treatment program for compulsive gamblers - less than a month after.
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