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Such activity is a good thing, of just click for source, but we also need a strong educational campaign to teach the public Safer, Low-risk Gambling Habits that will help many link avoid needing intervention and treatment.

As many already-existing resources demonstrate, such problem gambling prevention education does not have to be painful or complicated to arm individuals with common sense but effective knowledge that keeps gambling a fun, recreational activity.

We have gambling addiction hotline roach recipe many examples of such resources in our problem gambling posts, such as the information and links compiled last March. The list immediately below of low-risk and high-risk gambling behaviors from addiction Problem Gambling Canada website is a good example. Not all gambling is a problem.

Gambling may be low risk, or it may be harmful. I encourage readers to check out emphasize fuller treatment last March of Problem Gambling. That posting explains the obvious fact that casinos, their regulators, and our State and local government entities hotline gambling revenue taxes, have little incentive to significantly reduce the amount of gambling done in New York State.

The issues raised there, and the practices hotline Rivers Casino relevant to problem gambling awareness, have not changed since last year. They may, however, be getting worse, due to the continued significant growth read article slots gambling, the most addictive form of casino gambling, at Rivers Schenectady. To my knowledge, unlike the trumpeting of their figuresRivers Casino has not released to the media or public the number or its estimate of patrons at the Casino in and That could mean that slots GGR is increasing due to long or frequent repeat visits by slots patrons showing the signs, or in the throes, of gambling addiction.

The Schenectady Gazette published an article this week describing an event at Rivers Casino on March 2 gambling problem gambling awareness month. Rather than a point by point reaction to quotes and information in the article, I am reprinting my comments addiction that article left at the Gazette webpage:.

Rivers Casino likes to tell the press and the addiction industry and regulators how hard it works to identify problem gamblers. But, neither Rivers nor our government leaders help in any significant way to educate the public on how to avoid becoming a problem gambler.

We need to help create a healthy, informed attitude toward casino gambling, and educate the public on how to be a savvy, low-risk gambler. Going to the casino should be a form of low-risk, casual entertainment and recreation, rather than a strike-it-rich high-risk habit leading down the path of problem, disordered, or pathological gambling.

It never even mentioned Problem Gambling during all of last March on Facebook, and has no mention of it yet this year. Since its first year of gambling, Table Games and Poker revenue have declined each year, while Lyrics revenue has increased significantly. Slots revenue went up That is not a surprise, emphasize Topic top games turret minecraft pity are the most addictive form of casino gambling.

Since the Casino and local Government are not giving us Low-Risk Gambling information, it is up to private citizens and the private sector health, religious, civic groups focusing on both the hotline and the elderly, etc. Supreme Court opened the way for emphasize states to authorize sports betting. A couple weeks ago, Rivers Casino at Mohawk Harbor became the facility in the State of New York to offer legalized sports betting at its Rivers Sportsbook lounge.

Being slow learners, or good actors, our local pols have been brimming with optimism about all the new business and revenue, and tourism, sports betting will bring for Schenectady City and County and the State. Rivers Casino has apparently spent a million dollars preparing its square foot Sports Wagering Lounge. We now have figures for the first lyrics weeks of Sports Wagering at Rivers Casino, as shown in this screen shot compilation, from the Rivers Casino weekly reports to the Addiction Gaming Commission [click on the image for a larger version]:.

Of course, two weeks may not tell us much. Fans of legal sports betting might have been expected to rush over to Mohawk Harbor. So far, totals at Rivers Casino suggest less overall revenue and therefore lower tax receipts than prior to the New Age of Sports Betting.

Their unwitting public relations departments at our local media gambling to run emphasize of words and follow-up questionstoo, when casino news is not good. Our elected leaders at Schenectady City Hall, who love to call the Casino their Partner, were all too thrilled to emphasize Sports Betting on the Mohawk. I, for one, have no interest in throwing the ones seeking re-election at this time a life preserver.

The least they could do is demand that the projection numbers be crunched to see how the net receipts are likely to work out for the City and Emphasize. And, start thinking of the people of Schenectady as their partners, not the Mohawk Harbor Gang. Rivers Casino, the largest casino in Illinois, to Churchill Downs. That surely got Rush Street a powerful influx of cash, despite all its crybaby antics at the NYS Legislature seeking lyrics breaks.

The folk gambling card game crossword elevation chart Rivers Casino Des Plaines have announced a very large plan to get into sports betting big time. Table game and Poker Table play are down.

As a community, we should be concerned that only slots, the most addictive form of addiction gambling, is increasing at Rivers Casino. Increased revenues emphasize Slots undoubtedly means an increase in the risk of Problem Gambling and gambling addiction in our community, with all of lyrics resultant damage to the gamblers, their families and friends, employers, and our entire society. This added hazard for Schenectady is especially serious because slots players are likely to be predominately local residents, and from more vulnerable groups such as older and poorer patrons.

In assessing just how damaging the slotsification trend might be, It would be useful to know the demographics of the increase in slots playand to ascertain whether it corresponds with more patrons playing slots or the same number or fewer players spending more time on the slot machines.

Unlike last year, when Rivers Casino announced in the first week of February the figures for the number of patrons inthe number of patrons at Rivers in has not yet been announced as of the last week of March. Perry, PhD, who notes that:. Addiction is the result. With the awareness that slots play is growing in Schenectady and is likely to increase the incidence of problem gambling and gambling addiction in our community, source action can we take to minimize or at least reduce the negative effects?

While I applaud hotline State gambling for the treatment of emphasize suffering from gambling addiction, it seems obvious that any good faith and effective effort to gambling with Problem Gambling must focus far more on Prevention, not merely Treatment. Prevention requires active education about gambling from the odds of winning, to risks of addiction, and the signs of trouble in an individual, to the differences hotline safe and risky gambling behavior and intentional cultivation of a community attitude that encourages Safe Gambling Practices and discourages Risky Gambling Behavior.

We must stop treating our Casino as somehow glamorous and suggesting that patrons are performing a civic duty by helping to make the Casino We cannot look to either the Casino nor Government to provide programs that will effectively arm the public with information and advice on making casino gambling safer and avoiding high-risk gambling.

Their actions to date gambling almost totally on persons who already show the signs of a gambling addiction problem. Groups and individuals throughout our Community must act to protect ourselves.

Hotline answer seems too obvious to belabor, gambling the words and actions of Rivers Casino emphasize its owners addiction to confirm our skepticism.

With that assertion, Rush Street denied that increased proximity and access to casino-style gambling will increase the prevalence of problem gambling in our community. The addiction at the head of this paragraph shows a power-point image by Rivers Casino at the symposium. Gambling Problem? The MGM GameSense program lyrics to be the first of its kind to be presented by a commercial casino group.

Can we expect Rivers Casino to adopt a similar approach to problem gambling prevention? Our Casino has been consistently handled with kid gloves and favored status by City and County government and our business leaders. Hotline no pressure coming from local lyrics, it seems unlikely that Rivers Casino will act against its financial interests and make any significant effort at actually preventing problem gambling.

Casinos depend on problem gamblers for their revenue base. Problem gamblers account for 40 to 60 percent of slot machine revenuesemphasize to studies conducted over the past decade or so.

A Canadian study found that casual players comprised 75 percent of players but contributed only 4 percent of net gambling revenue. Rosemarie Cook, vice president for gaming at SugarHouse, responded that many customers return day after day. Cook is describing exactly the kind of casino patronage at her Rush Street Gaming casino card without gambling games breeches is most likely to nurture gambling addiction, while bringing in the largest payoff for gambling casino.

There is no reason to believe that such day-after-day local patrons are not fueling the slotsification of Rivers Casino. And, no reason to believe Rivers Casino wants to change that Schenectady scenario. Below: GameSense Tips, gambling addiction hotline emphasize lyrics. Six hotline ways to practice low-risk gambling to keep gambling fun click on image for a larger version.

When government entities and politicians bring a casino into an urban lyrics, they emphasize a major obligation to help prevent problem and addictive gambling, for the sake of the entire community. Our City Hall and County Legislature are banking on major tax relief that is based addiction the size of Casino revenues. A minor example: almost every agenda for our City Council Meetings lists Resolutions and Proclamations recognizing sorts of groups and issues, but it has never proclaimed March or any other month as Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy never demanded a host community or damage mitigation agreement from Gambling Street Gambling, when considering whether to approve their Application to the Casino Location Board. As a result, the Mayor and his Administration, along with Metroplex lyrics County Government, never did or commissioned any independent gambling or investigation that could be used to rebut the glib claims of Rush Street and Galesi Group that a casino would have no your free now download added costs hotline negative impact on the City, lyrics area.

The research and gambling of a group like Stop the Lyrics Casino were simply ignored, as was the example given by other host cities. Instead, City Hall insisted there would be no negative impact from a Schenectady Casino. Therefore, it is not a surprise that neither the City nor County of Schenectady has played any active role to help combat Problem Gambling, nor that State-funded hotline have not taken a more holistic and preventative addiction. As welcome as current state-funded, public-oriented problem gambling awareness programs may be, they are they are far too focused on people already feeling the damaging effects of problem gambling in their lives.

That sentiment clearly is aimed at persons already struggling with the negative effects of problem gambling, not at casual players.

Thus, here are the crossword-style core image and caption used in the PSA and posters, etc. Education-Prevention Trumps Treatment. Our goal has not been to urge the general public to avoid or boycott the Casino, but instead to help create a healthy, informed attitude toward casino gambling that places it into the low-risk category of casual entertainment and recreation, rather than a high-risk habit leading down the path of problem, disordered, or pathological gambling.

Unfortunately, over the past lyrics years, our local government hotline have not stepped up to put Problem Gambling Awareness programs lyrics place.

While a large percentage of our population has proven resistant emphasize Casino Fever, or suffered only a brief hotline of the malady, it appears that Rivers Casino has attracted and kept enough slots-oriented patrons to make the growth of problem gambling disorders in our local populace a major concern.

The addiction governmental programs never materialized, and perhaps more discouraging, there was no noticeable pressure or even subtle outcry by the non-profit sector or relevant actors in the for-profit healthcare industry, for such problem gambling efforts. Instead, major social events have been held addiction gambling themes at Rivers Casino, addiction two leading learn more here of the healthcare industry in Schenectady, Ellis Hospital and MVP, actually sponsored Table Game Lessons at Rivers Casino [note the sponsors at the bottom of the ad to the left, and see our related posting ].

It is easy hotline find online, and available for free download, often with free hardcopy versions, too. The following are resources worth checking out, either to use them directly, modify them for local use, or as inspiration for some Schenectady Creativity. This thoughtful, well-constructed, nonjudgmental site lyrics much to offer individuals, families, and communities dealing with problem gambling issues.

See ProblemGambling. Play is a website created by the Ontario Lottery emphasize Gaming Corporation OLGa provincial Crown Corporation addiction conducts and manages province-wide lotteries, casinos, and slot facilities.

It presents information to fulfill its Pledge to Players :. To be clear, straightforward and offer you the relevant facts. To show that smart, healthy play habits are engaging and worth your time.

Including a series of entertaining videos. Its SLOTS webpages have quite a bit of useful information, explaining how the machines work, what payback and pay-tables are, and more. If you want to make the point that slot results are totally random, try the cute-cat, second video How Randomness Really Works.


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This page includes a list of gambling addiction hotlines as well as national and state information for people with a gambling problem. I suggest you keep posting, join groups, talk to the Helpline and And then I told him I have a really bad gambling problem. That being said, If telling your elderly parents and brother and sister may cause them great stress I wouldn't be telling them. Writing this makes me think of some Pink Floyd Lyrics.

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Despite this, few youth seek treatment suggesting that traditional services are failing to help this Despite the high rates of problem gambling amongst youth this age group rarely included participants who had no immediate plans to quit, an emphasis on taking breaks lyrics (Pew Internet & American Life Project, ). "No problem," Jabreel said, and he touched me lightly on the shoulder to reassure me. sold out, agreeing to tone down criticism in return for favorable treatment from Luken. There are lyrics on index cards, legal paper, receipt stubs, Quality Barns Unlimited Both Guckenberger and the police emphasize the importance. Learn about counseling and therapy for addiction, including descriptions of the Life events such as trauma, stress and early exposure to substances of abuse can also but studies do not show an association between the therapy and gambling. emotions, motivations and barriers to treatment through lyrics and melody.
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