Hate It or Love It Lyrics

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By Negrel


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By Album. The Knife Game Song. You have a great abundance of axes there to grind.

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And if I hit my fingers, Blood will soon come out. But all the same I play this game. Cause that's what it's all about. LYRICS and Chords There is an old tradition, a game we all can play. C G Oh, I have all my fingers, the knife goes chop chop chop. C G.

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Lyrics to Hate It or Love It by The Game from the Hate It or Love It album dope For a four finger ring, one of them gold ropes Nana told me if I passed I'd get a. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "MIDDLE-FINGER" - from the ratebiz.online website. Hate lame niggas, worth eight figures Tell the feds to come and get it Fuck the P's, middle fingers In my hood, The Game Belongs to Me. GamingCypher "If you are an avid fan of tap rhythm games, SongArc is a must play" - Sirius Gaming Be a finger dance revolution hero!
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