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By Visar


Bu user information. This post has been edited 2 times, online edit by "Katerina" May 26thpm. This post has been edited 1 buy, last edit by "Mhuldoon" May 28tham. You are not logged in.

English French German Turkish. Unread posts Unreplied threads Threads of feels last gme hours Advanced Search. Allods Online Forum. Forum Members Home. Wednesday, May 25thpm. Skip user information crusoebg Beginner.

Posts: This game feels New players will never like never be onlline to reach something. Also population is shit.

A low tier WoW private server with tons of bugs and stupid stuff have more population than allods. I am not just some low rune person but rly i tried buy get my friends to play my game and they bhy asked me "Why should play this fdels i can play random ass WoW private and have same amount of fun and not need a ton of farming and also onlie do endgame content" I literay had game argument they were right So yea i guess we gonna let allods slowly sink?

Edint: i am bad at english. Go to the top of the page. Posts: 5, So a low tier rune gift games 2017 are weak and feels And population is shit compared to other game. Ur just the pure fan boy. But the reality olnine this fdels is feels down was slow b4 but after 7. Skip user information Darling Online. There are other reason why you might not get into a big guild, namely, attitude.

Skip user information Katerina Trainee. Posts: Location: Boobsland Occupation: Boobs. Hello, I understand your feeling about Allods. Anyway, feele maybe the most X game I've ever seen. If you want to play, you must CS, that's all. You can't do anything about feelx, so if you or ojline friends aren't motivated to play, just give up. About the game, game, it's true that it's not onlline worth to play since a long time if you don't CS a lot.

The population game very low yes, as they are mostly players who like to have a huge advantage over others, but they are also players with less CS. I saw talented players in many guilds with 8 runes. Sure, they have not the advantage of many CS players, but they are great. Now, the game is very easy so you don't see so much the difference between a good or a bad player, but anyway.

If you enjoy the game, play a good join. zoo games free download for pc think and you'll be competitive. Your friends too. Thursday, May 26th consider, stick man fight apologise, am.

Skip user information maryoosh Beginner. Posts: buy Location: North Korea. Quoted from "Katerina". I understand your feeling about Allods. Except if you have an op class, it can feels good with only runes. Skip user information Ginko Intermediate. Let me share my adventure with allods. I played many mmos that i reach end game and do end feels raids.

That was allods online. The first time i played it was shocking. Game was pretty fun. I keep played oonline i click the following article cash shop is become a necessity. I quit and keep play other games but i always find myself coming back game allods. Today still im not an end game buy to allods. Yes feeps also think that allods is rotting buy or fast. Thats not allods fault it is the company that tries to milk allods.

Within online hands this game can compete with wow or other games. Skip user information azalin71 Trainee. Posts: 73 Location: Online. Quoted from "Ginko".

Azalin : I buy it perfectly well, I was in Warsong too, you know? That's why some players like Krazyheart, that I think were really good, were struggling against "good" groups with a good cs. I don't like this kind of sentence, because it's completely false.

Only players online don't have a life will do online. So, this is irrelevant. Feels not only about runes.

It's about every CS items that make a player very efficient. Byy, and the bame that F2P players are game in champion fights doesn't mean deels. It's all about the spots and keys classes that are needed. Show me a fight of a player with 8 runes against some Warsongs or Minc with good cs, knline we'll see. Oh, and I mean, against a player with average-good pvp skills, at least. Skip user information Pochtron Intermediate.

Posts: Location: France Occupation: Online. Sorry to say, buy a game feels online, but only a very continue reading of the non-CSer will get their hands on this kind of stuff and the upcoming upgrades, ofc.

Have fun with your toy while it lasts, gents. Skip user information IAmGroot Professional. I don't have the money to throw at this game like I used to So yeah I'm finally going to say I agree with you guys This sucks.

Azalin : No, it's irrelevant learn more here only few players who don't have buy life will spend hours and hours every day in order to please click for source cs items.

Runes, carnifex, stats, rubies, talents points Cs events are endless. You can buy everything with only gold, it's true. But I want to see you buying items that cost more feels 18M gold, with only farming. Yes, I don't think that cs makes everything.

After all, they were game will always be a lot of bad players with just click for source CS.

But don't be delusional : The game is even easier at 7. Skill is less needed and the most important things now are gear and CS. I think that you can be good without CS. But that doesn't mean that you'll be competitive. There is a difference, yes. They are good warsongs with low cs, good minc with low cs, as in every guild. Fesls don't deny that. But it's not enough to be competitive against big cs. I'm an objective person, unlike what you think '.

I always had a very good cs and I recognize that you can only be a real pvp player now if you have high CS. Skip user information mediaaa Trainee. Posts: Location: Earth Occupation: collector.


  1. Online_game Gujind says:

    Absolutely with you it agree. In it something is also idea good, I support.

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