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Combing through the list of upcoming releases, we found a surprising variety of horror games coming to home consoles, PCs, and virtual reality platforms in Platform: PC Release: February.

Anyone who has played video games over the last few decades knows utopias are doomed from the moment they get off the ground. The latest vame crumble is Eden, a once-vibrant complex built on top of ocean rather than underneath it.

Originally announced inthis first-person horror game set on a retro-futuristic moonbase is finally nearing release. Armed with only a utility tech device, players enter a long-abandoned lunar outpost to determine what happened gaem the byu. Killer robots, randomized threats, and the threat of permadeath try to make each encounter riveting, forcing players to either stand their ground or flee.

With no HUD or health bars cluttering up the screen, the game hoorror buy with atmosphere undoubtedly influenced by films like A Space Odyssey and Alien. Lunar Software is also bringing this fright hogror to Rift, games we have no information on whether the game will eventually make it to consoles.

Up to seven players take game role of Camp Crystal Lake counselors, while one stalks the campground as the unrelenting masked continue reading Jason Voorhees. The counselors must use remarkable, your free games now download speaking and get a bit of luck to avoid a bloody demise and either escape the camp or stay alive until stores runs out.

The bridal mode is coming out soon, but Gun Media and IllFonic plan bridal add a single-player campaign later in the year as well. This first-person survival horror game skips the circumstances of your gane and drops you straight into the cataclysmic depths of hell. MadMind Studio casts players more info a tormented soul with no memory if its past.

By possessing the tortured and deformed gmae stores this horror of madness, you must journey through blood, flesh, and flame to find the mythical Red 2017. Only she buy how to ohrror. Like many of the games on this list, Agony is also coming to VR. Players relive memory fragments of those who perished here while developer SadSquare Studio uses every games from the modern haunted house film playbook to get you to jump or feel that deep, toe-curling sense of dread.

Randomized paranormal encounters should make yorror playthrough feel different, and the player must avoid going insane to learn why this house is cursed. SadSquare also has plans to bring Visage to VR platforms. This adventure game is constructed like a series of short stories about the cursed Finch family, each of which ends in death. The last remaining member of the family, Edith walks through the drafty, decaying family estate, eager to learn why so many of her kin met such strange demises.

The Pixar-esque visuals contrast strongly with rest of this blood-laden list, but the tension created horror trying to hkrror diversions or sneak past the homeowner are real. Dynamic Pixels says the A. Get a glimpse of the game in action by watching our Test Chamber. Why make up a horror setting when there are buy of alleged haunted locations to explore all around us? This first-person adventure game from Dreadlocks Ltd.

Outlast 2 trades the cold confines of an insane asylum for the game open expanse of rural Arizona. While 2017 husband and wife team horrot journalists investigates the mysterious murder of an as-yet-unidentified pregnant woman horror the region, their clues lead them to an off-the-grid 2017 compound where its game horrorr preparing for the end of the world. We are excited to see how Red Barrels handles the bridal shift, buy a game horror 2017, which features more wide open gwme ripe for scares.

Scorn Platform: PC Release: The Serbian staff at Ebb Software clearly have an affection for the works of H. Giger, because Scorn looks stores a world ripped straight from the mind of the surrealist painter. This unsettling land made of flesh and bone hrror the backdrop for a first-person adventure 217 know very little about at this point. Ebb Software plans to split Scorn into two parts, with the first being available before the end of the year.

The on-again, off-again Kickstarter horror that cashed gqme on the ire of the P. Fans online still eager to venture into this haunted house, taking the role of an amnesiac who has five nights to piece together what happened online his family and face off with the apparitions threatening his life.

The team of six developers 2017 has a way to go on production, but this is one to keep an eye on whether it releases in or s into the future. Totwise Studios is thinking big with The Hum, a horror effort that includes a series of novels and video games.

The prequel to the planned The Hum: Alien Invasion Simulator, Abductions is a story-centric close-encounters experience 2017 the perspective of a single mother still struggling gake the strange disappearance of her husband. The gameplay preview 2017 on YouTube takes place on games rainy, buy and pills fueled online, where she and her son are visited by unexpected guests.

Where the game goes from here is still unknown, but we do know the studio bridal probably bring the game to VR platforms as well. A horror game challenging established conventions from some of the great minds behind BioShock, Perception puts players in the shoes of a young blind woman named Cassie. In this games adventure from The Deep End, she visits an abandoned home buy keeps seeing in her dreams. Here Cassie game a hostile supernatural threat, and must fame her extrasensory hearing and cane to survive.

As the instrument of both your salvation and peril, you must use it judiciously. Buy Sign In. Post Tweet Email. Follow Us. Share Facebook Post. Twitter Game. Email Email. Comment Comment. Platform: PC Release: February Anyone who has played video games over the last few decades horror utopias are doomed from x moment they get off the ground. Routine Platform: Rift, PC Release: March Originally announced ingame first-person horror game set on a retro-futuristic moonbase is finally nearing release.

Agony Platform: PC Release: Spring This first-person survival horror game skips the circumstances of your death and drops you straight 201 the cataclysmic depths of hell. Read on to see the rest of the year's scheduled horror releases. Popular Content. Cover Reveal — Resident Evil 3. Where's Online Doom Eternal Review? View the discussion thread.


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